Double C Texas Walkers


This certifies that ______________________________________________________________________
(Mare owner’s name)
has engaged one service to the stallion STARRING UPTOWN’S JUBILEE #961148 for 

the mare _______________________
(Mare’s name and registration number)
for the 200_ season.

The breeding (stud) fee for this service is $___ which is due as follows $1/2 at booking, and $1/2 when mare is delivered to farm, or prior to first shipment or pick-up of semen.
Stallion owner Double “C” Texas Walkers Gary and Debbie Clark, Conroe Texas guarantees a live foal from this breeding, meaning the foal shall stand and nurse. Stallion owner agrees to rebreed mare at no additional fee for service (excluding collection, shipping fees, and excluding care and veterinary charges if mare is bred at stallion’s farm) should mare fail to produce a live foal, provided mare owner notifies Double “C” Texas Walkers within 48 hours and provides statement of details from a licensed veterinarian within 14 days. Rebreed privileges, in the event attempts to achieve conception are unsuccessful, pregnancy is lost or foal does not live, will be honored for a period of twenty-four months from date of first service. No rebreed privileges will be honored unless all other requirements of this contract have been fulfilled.  Mare owner agrees that neither stallion owner nor Double “C” Texas Walkers will be responsible for accident, disease or death of the mare or to her foal (if she has a foal).
Mare owner agrees to conform to the policies and procedures of the breeding establishment and will be responsible for paying all expenses of breeding, board and veterinary care during mare’s stay at breeding establishment. A finance charge of 1 1/2% will be assessed on all balances unpaid after 30 days from invoice date. Mare owner agrees to provide a current (12 months) negative Coggins and a negative uterine culture at the time of delivery of mare. In the event of death or barrenness of said mare, mare owner has the right to substitute a mare.
Should said stallion die or become unfit for service, this contract shall become null and void.
Absolutely no refund of booking fee shall be due anyone under any circumstances.
When stallion owner signs and returns one copy of this contract to mare owner it will then be a binding contract on both parties subject to all above terms and conditions.


Breeding Fees: 

Stud fee + 

AI Collection and Preparation: $150.00 per time
Disposable Equitainer - $35.00 each (if needed)
Shipping Fedex and Air $35 to $75 (if needed)

Live Cover $25.00 per coverage (Stallion Handler)



(Mare Owner or Agent) (Date)


(Stallion Owner or Agent) (Date)