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We at Double C Texas Walkers get phone calls all the time from people stating that they and/or their child want to take some riding lessons. I always ask the reason for the interest. The most common responses are:
  • My child seems to loves gaited horses and I wanted to try her in some lessons.
  • I just want to be able to ride my gaited horse for pleasure down the trails.
  • I just want to ride for fun.
  • I have had a bad past experience previously and I am a little nervous about riding now, but would like to try it again.
  • I want to buy a gaited horse but I thought I should learn something about them first.
The #1 question asked: "How long will it take for me to learn to ride a gaited horse?"

It is reported that eighty percent of people who get into gaited horses get out within the first year; and two-thirds of the remaining twenty percent get out in the next five years. They do so because of:

  • Fear
  • Frustration
  • Feeling like a Failure
  • Lack of Fun
Most of these are caused by three mis-truths that have been told to many of us when we first got on a horse.
  • Just saddle a horse and get on it.
  • Kick him to go.
  • Pull the reins to stop.
It is a guarantee that if you just saddle a horse and get on without any prior and proper preparation, you won't get any extraordinary results, except possibly hurt badly.

Trail riders

The majority of trail riders would just like to enjoy themselves without having to pull, jerk, smack on their horse or just have an all out war every time they go out on a trail ride. However, any of these same people believe that instruction and arena work is boring and is just for people who want to show - that it has nothing to offer a trail rider and/or their horse. The most common statement I hear is "I donít want to ride all dressed up or compete, I just want to go ride and have fun."

So, if you are an amateur rider, then letís put some principle to purpose WORK. The principles of classical horsemanship youíll be taught, will actually serve you better outside of the arena Ė out actually doing something with your horse, enjoying your horse. Thatís putting principle to purpose.

We believe the teaching of these principles to the everyday trail rider is the most important service we can provide. The trail rider makes up the majority of horse owners/riders. They are also the ones that report the most horse related accidents and problem horses.

Problem Horses

"How do they become problem horses?"

They are usually past around from one inexperienced rider to another. Getting worse with every experience. Most of the problems horses are a product of their environment:

  • A human with lack of "AWARENESS" to recognize the beginning of a problem.
  • Lack of "KNOWLEDGE" and "SKILL" to head off or repair a problem.
  • Most problem horses are 99% rider error!

The First Lesson Evaluation

The First Lesson Evaluation is approximately one hour in length-- (tour, lesson and evaluation) and costs $50.00 . After you are mounted, we will assess your safety as far as awareness of yourself and your environment, your body's ability to balance and support itself, as well as any skills you might have. This is done as we discuss the technical how-tos and the ABC's of learning about horses and riding. If we conclude that you are a more experienced rider, we would then do the rest of our assessment during a warm-up period. During this lesson we will outline a plan of short-term goals for you and start their application.

Private Lessons

1 hr.-$50 or 30 min.-$30;

Most students will ride once a week. Those who are interested in eventually owning their own horse or planning to show: twice a week.

Semi-Private Lessons

1 hr.-$40 per student for two students or 45 min.-$30 per student for two students (siblings, friends, etc.)

The Horsemanship Class

The Horsemanship Class is required for all Double C Walker's Farm students, regardless of their previous experience. We believe that all students should know--and practice--standard safety rules for working around horses, which includes how to approach and halter a horse in the stall as well as how to lead, groom, saddle and bridle a horse. This class is offered once a month on Saturday and must be taken within the 30 days of starting in Double C Walker's riding program. Price for this class is $35.

New Student Package

  • PRIVATE: 1 Evaluation Lesson, 5 Private Lessons & Horsemanship Class ($300.00 value) for $250.00 (one instructor & assistant for six hours of instruction).
  • SEMI-PRIVATE: 1 Evaluation Lesson, 5 Semi-Private (two students (siblings, friends, etc.)) Lessons & Horsemanship Class ($550.00 value) for $425.00 (one instructor & assistant for six hours of instruction).

(For your convenience, the Evaluation Lesson and the Horsemanship Class are included in the price of our New Student Lesson Packages).

Adult Program

A 12-month program, which offers units in the following disciplines: Western/English Pleasure racking/walking,  Showing Halter Horses & Showmanship, Versatility including trail obstacle, barrel racing, pole bending, Western Reining and Western Riding. Each unit encompasses an introductory lecture on the discipline and a demonstration ride, and a final videotaped lesson in a horse show format, if applicable.

  • Prerequisites: If you are a current student of Double C Texas Walkers and an advanced beginner rider who can walk, gait and canter with reasonable comfort. If you love to ride, want more time in the saddle and are ready to start picking a riding discipline, but aren't entirely sure which one fits you, this sampler program is for you! - Just E-mail us for an application to sign up at  
  • When do you ride? Lesson times are scheduled twice a week .
  • Class size? No more then ten students per unit will be accepted.
  • How much does it cost? Each unit consists of (2) one hour lessons per week, for approximately one month at $300 per unit. (Note: You receive one extra hour of instructional/riding time per week in this program.) Placement is limited therefore, units must be paid for in full no less then (twenty days) in advance of start date of each unit to reserve student's placement. Please note: If you choose to participate in only select units and/or choose to ride only once a week (the cost is $150 per unit), priority will be given to students that have signed up for entire 12-month program.
  • Payment discounts: If all twelve units are paid in advance at the beginning of series you will receive a discount of $10 per unit($120). If first or second half of program (six units) is paid in advance (at one time) you will receive a discount of $5 per unit ($60).


 Shows - $ .90 per mile per horse average, otherwise ask for quote for local or long distance hauling.

Video Taped Lesson

$20.00 (includes VHS video cartridge).




$25.00 includes: bridle path, pasture clip for ears and muzzle. NOTE: If your horse is difficult to clip, this charge will be increased.

Body Clipping


Local Horse Shows

$50.00 per day fee for horse preparation. Does not include show fees.






Contact Us for your training needs: 

Phone: 936-856-1085

Cell: 713-805-1506

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