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Under Texas Law (Chapter 87 Civil Practice and Remedies Code) an Equine Professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant

in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.


This Training Contract is made and entered into on this ______ day of _____________ 201___, by and between Double C Texas Walkers, hereinafter

designated “Manager,” and ___________________________________, hereinafter designated “Owner.” Manager agrees to accept

Owner’s horse ________________________________ for training. This contract is structured under the laws of the State of Texas. For and in consideration of the agreements hereinafter set forth, Owner and Manager mutually agree as follows:


Training -  

1. Owner agrees that Manager, their agents and employees are not liable for death, sickness and/or accident, including consequential damages caused by horse. In addition, Owner agrees to hold Manager completely harmless and not liable for any injury whatsoever caused to Owner, and/or loss or damages to personal property.

2. It is the Owner’s responsibility to carry full and complete insurance coverage on Owner, Owner’s horse and all personal property. Owner agrees to abide by all Manager’s rules and regulations and to wear proper safety equipment (i.e. hard hat and boots).

3. Owner shall pay Manager for  training services, $______________ per month. In addition, optional services are available on Appendix A and will be charged accordingly.

4. Training fee's are due on the first (1st) day of each month for that current month; timely payments are strictly enforced. If fee's are not paid by the seventh (7th) day of the month, Owner agrees that Manager may charge a $25 late fee. If account is 60 days past due and after three documented attempts to contact Owner, the horse will be considered abandoned. Owner agrees that Manager may sell the horse at auction and

Manager has the right to deduct all past due fees and any other direct charges from the proceeds. The balance will be sent to Owner’s last known address.

5. Horse shall be free from infectious, contagious or transmissible diseases. A current Coggins test, veterinarian’s health certificate and health, worming and immunization record, which includes rabies, VEWT, strangles and rhino flu. Manager reserves the right to refuse any horse not in proper health. If the horse’s vaccinations are not kept current by Owner, Manager reserves the right to have a veterinarian administer the vaccinations at Owner’s expense.

6. Manager reserves the right to notify the Owner within seven (7) days of horse’s arrival if horse, in Manager’s opinion, is deemed dangerous, sick or uncontrollable for a boarding stable. In such case, Owner is responsible for removing the horse within seven (7) days and for all fees incurred during horse’s stay. After all fees have been paid, this Contract is concluded.

7. Regular veterinarian and farrier attention will be the sole responsibility of Owner. In the event of sickness or accident to the horse, after reasonable efforts have failed to contract Owner, Manager has permission to contact a veterinarian for treatment, at Owner’s expense.

8. Should either party breach this Contract, the breaching party shall pay for the other’s court costs and attorney fees related to the breach.

9. This Contract represents the entire agreement between the parties. No other agreements or promises, verbal or implied are included unless specifically stated in this written agreement; each party should separately initial any additional agreements.




____________________________________________________Double “C” Texas Walkers, or by its Agent

Approved by


____________________________________________________ ___ Owner or Parent Signature

Agreed By


__________________________________________________________________Horse Owner Address



___________________________________________________________________City, State and Zip






(___________)_____________________________________Cell phone


_________________________________________________________________ E-Mail



Training Agreement Vital Information

_____________________________________________________ {__________}____________________

Veterinarian Name Phone Number



_____________________________________________________ {__________}___________________

Contact Person if Owner cannot be reached Phone Number






Shows - $.90 per mile per horse average, otherwise ask for quote for local or long distance hauling.

Show Bath



$25.00 includes: bridle path, pasture clip for ears and muzzle. NOTE: If your horse is difficult to clip, this charge will be increased.

Body Clipping


Horse Shows

$50.00 per day fee for horse preparation. Does not include show fees.

 Special Handling

A Fee of $50.00 per hour will be charged for special care needs, and special medical needs if they arise on a per hour basis.

Owner acknowledges that Manager is not liable for any damages caused to Owners horse due to medications administered by Manager or its staff.’


Training Agreement must be accompanied by a signed copy of the General Release of Liability.



List Other Services Below:


___________________________________           _____________

Service                                                                                                            Price


__________________________________             _____________

Service                                                                                                            Price



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